Timeout Drawer, Tintin & Free Element

Posted by on Sep 12, 2002 in Studio News |

The TIME OUT DRAWER did additional tracking, production, and mixing at The Playground in May and June. They’re a great band; see their slick site for lot of info. They return in OCTOBER 2003 to record their next record…Keith is SUPER excited about it!

TINTIN, a kick-ass Boulder, CO band with all kinds of space rock deliciousness going on recorded an album at the Playground in June. If HUM, Mercury Rev and Mogwai made an album together, it might sound something like this.

FREE ELEMENT made an album in May. They’re a young band with lots of promise! They combine the GIANT ROCK of Hum with unique melodies and lyrics. They are returning to the Playground in early of 2004 to finishe record.