Lounge Space

The Playground is a different approach to studio design, providing an extremely comfortable and fun place to record without the high cost that’s usually attached to it. Keith built the studio in a two-story brick house just outside of the heart of downtown Chicago; the beautiful lakefront is only two miles away.

There are four separate beds in four separate rooms, one of them is a sleeping loft. There is a full size kitchen, two bathrooms, and a large living room/dining area. During the summer, there’s a barbeque on the roof and a spectacular view of Chicago’s Skyline. Catering and Maid Service is available at an additional fee.

It may initially seem unnerving to live in the studio, but over the past decade and dozens of projects, the underlying amazing thing that happens virtually 100% of the time, is more creativity is sparked, as late-night jam sessions often occur, inspiration for parts where I’ve been called over and have recorded on a moment’s notice, as well as he ease of recording anytime, 24/7 that inspiration hits.

I show the bands just enough to be dangerous and to not break anything at the same time, allowing them to capture ideas that I can work with the next morning.  I can’t count the number of amazing tracks that have been recorded, that may never have been captured if the band didn’t have a way to capture their ideas almost instantaneously, with the actual tracks we’re working with for a song.

It can be a bit bright and colorful, but everything can be toned down to a dull hue whenever necessary.  With full RGB lighting throughout the studio, any mood can be re-created.  Also, with snake drops throughout the space…from the upstairs bathroom and Jacuzzi, to the roof, to the back office, and even the backyard, no matter what kind of sound is needed and no matter what space that sound needs to be recorded in, we’ve got you covered.

As usual, click the image for the full-size version.  The Control Room is in the front quarter of the front of the building, and this shot is looking from the kitchen to the front of the building on the second floor.