Control Room

The studio is equipped with a new SSL Matrix Console, replacing our fully loaded large-frame AMEK "big" that has served us so well over the past 15 years.  The Matrix fully integrates every aspect of the studio, and has truly become the heart of the studio, as it makes it possible for all of our analog and digital gear to talk with each other for the first time, also saving every single setting of every detail of tracking, mixing, and mastering.

Coupled with our array of WEISS processing, Shadow Hills, Neve, Avedis, SSL, Avalon, and API preamps and processors, tons of top quality plug-ins inside our Mac Pro HD3 Accel system including the SONNEX Elite collection...there's nothing we can't handle.

And, we will NEVER give up analog! - The industry workhorse, an analog MCI JH-24 2" 24-track, which has been with Keith on every album he's produced is always ready for hours of non-stop tracking, and is optimized and integrated into our new setup.  We also have our ATR-102 1/2" stereo tape machine, which is complete with Mark Spitz upgrades and refurbishing.

Mastering Capabilities

Our mastering capabilities are world class, minus the high price tag.  Keith's not only has he made some of the most critically-acclaimed sounding records, his knowledge of every detail and nuance of sound and the equipment at his fingertips allow him to stand toe to toe with with best mastering engineers around.  More on mastering is HERE.

Living/Lounge  Space

The Playground is a different approach to studio design, providing an extremely comfortable and fun place to record without the high cost that's usually attached to it. Keith built the studio in a two-story brick house just outside of the heart of downtown Chicago; the beautiful lakefront is only two miles away.

There are four separate beds in four separate rooms, one of them is a sleeping loft. There is a full size kitchen, two bathrooms, and a large living room/dining area. During the summer, there's a barbeque on the roof and a spectacular view of Chicago's Skyline. Catering and Maid Service is available at an additional fee.

Recording Rooms / More Living Space

The Playground has several unique rooms, from very "live" to completely "dead," allowing for a virtually limitless range of sounds. Also, there is plenty of room to stretch out....there is no office, just an "at home" environment that belongs only to the band.

The studio comes alive at night and with all the lighting options, the vibe can change from elegant and professional, to dreamlike spaces...whatever makes the band most comfortable.  And the main recording space is also host to Dapple & Stone Gallery, which focuses on outsider art, so feel free to apply for gallery space!

Chicago Mastering House

Playground Recording Spaces

Playground Lounge Space

More Control Room Space


MICS: The studio has an ample array of all the mics you'd expect to find in a world class studio, as well as some unexpected ones and favorites of Keith.  Microtek Geffels, Earthworks, Cole Ribbon and others are some of the more eclectic mics, and the Earthworks mics when coupled with the WEISS ADC 2 A/D converter has to be heard to be believed; there is nothing more true, crystal clear, and colorless than that combination...great for some things, and completely disconcerting for others!

DRUMS: The studio has a complete Bonham-style old Ludwig kit complete with thick steel chrome covering each drum shell. I have slowly assembled this kit from years of has a 24" kick drum, a super fat Drum Workshop snare, New Beat hi hats, an old Formula 2001 24" ride, and several great studio cymbals to choose from. Also, there's an old Gretsch 1956 jazz kit and a Pearl Export Kit for your middle of the road rock sound.

BASSES: There are two bass rigs, one of them a David Eden rig, with a Fender Jazz Bass at your disposal. For a rounder sound, there's a Mesa Boogie Bass Cabinet with (2) 15" speakers in it. There is also a Joe Meek VC1 specifically for bass tracking's the best bass preamp I've ever recorded with.

GUITARS: There are several of my favorite guitars at the studio, including a Gibson Les Paul, a Fender Telecaster, a Gibson ES-330, a Martin acoustic, two Harmony Rockets (AWESOME FEEDBACK MACHINES!), a Fernandez fretless bass, an Aria classical guitar, and a few others.

AMPS: As far as amps, there's my Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier rig, a JCM 800, a HIWATT for the fattest guitar sounds ever (listen to Hum's "Stars"), a Traynor 2 x 12" combo amp, a Matchless (Vox), a Marshall 1960 Lead Cabinet, and a few others as well.

PEDALS: Pedals, ahh, pedals...there is more than an ample supply of unique and interesting pedals, many of which are different kinds of distortion. (I'm VERY fussy with distortion sounds...there are just SO MANY to choose from!)

KEYBOARDS: There is an ever-growing list of keyboards at the studio, including a Baldwin Piano, a vintage Wurlitzer (Fender Rhodes) electric piano, a Moog Rogue, and more.  And that's not including every keyboard plug-in available for Pro Tools.

MUSICIANS: There is also a large number of talented musicians who I use on a regular basis such as horn players, violinists, cellists, a string quartet led by Susan Voelz, a B3 Player (not including myself), a great horn arranger, and an AMAZING gospel name a few.


To get more info, please feel free to e-mail Keith at [email protected]
Call him at: (312) 455-8265
Or call his manager Sandy Roberton at World's End (323) 965-1540