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Sonic Solutions at the Playground

Posted by on Sep 14, 2008 in Latest Updates | 0 comments

After working with multiple solutions for mastering CD’s at the Playground, we settled on soundBlade by Sonic Studio; the spinoff company from the world-standard Sonic Solutions.  We tested BIAS Peak, SoundForge, and many other solutions, but when it came down to trusting the software to make a CD that would be completely compatible with replication houses, there was really only one choice. We typically assemble mastering projects in our Pro Tools HD3 Accel system, partly...

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Studio Secrets

Posted by on Jan 5, 2008 in Sound Basics | 0 comments

This section includes all of the adventures and stories from the numerous bands I either recorded, mastered, or toured with, as well as details about recording techniques for all of the records I have made throughout the year and has been moved to my Keith Cleversley’s Pea Brain blog on my personal website.  Most Mastering “Tips & Tricks” will be in the Mastering FAQ section, but this section is updated often, so check back for new ideas, thoughts,...

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The Rosenbergs, Flickerstick & Driveway

Posted by on Oct 12, 2002 in Studio News | 0 comments

THE ROSENBERGS from NYC made a record with Keith starting that started on the 12th of January for Force MP, a new label out of St. Louis. The Rosenbergs made a huge splash at SXSW recently. FLICKERSTICK was scheduled to come into the Playground during the 2nd week of April, but they broke up! – Their new stuff was STUNNING as well! DRIVEWAY (formerly MaDe on Universal Records) were in during January 2003 to do an...

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Timeout Drawer, Tintin & Free Element

Posted by on Sep 12, 2002 in Studio News | 0 comments

The TIME OUT DRAWER did additional tracking, production, and mixing at The Playground in May and June. They’re a great band; see their slick site for lot of info. They return in OCTOBER 2003 to record their next record…Keith is SUPER excited about it! TINTIN, a kick-ass Boulder, CO band with all kinds of space rock deliciousness going on recorded an album at the Playground in June. If HUM, Mercury Rev and Mogwai made an album together, it might sound something...

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Flickerstick Comes to The Playground

Posted by on Aug 12, 2002 in Studio News | 0 comments

FLICKERSTICK finally came to The Playground to make their new record the last week of July through the end of August. This record is going to be their best yet; their new material is absolutely STUNNING! We are done with the record and it came out BETTER than we all had hoped! – Look for a JANUARY 2004...

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