About the Founder, Keith

Posted by on Apr 12, 2002 in Studio News |

It’s been a strange number of years for alternative rock and the music industry as a whole, and since it’s been so kind to Keith, he’s taking much more time to simply soak in life, rather than keeping himself chained to the mixing console 16 hours a day. He’s still mixing and mastering a few select projects, but is taking on much fewer than he has in the past.

Andy Bosnak, Keith’s engineer for many years, will be recording many of the the projects that come through here now; he’s an amazing talent, and he knows all of Keith’s various tricks.

Keith got his pilot’s license in 2004, his DiveMaster Certification in 2005, and met the love of his live; Venus, in 2006. Besides reveling in the beauty of flight in the sky and below the oceans, Keith and Venus travel as much as possible to all the places they dreamed of traveling.

You can see constantly updated photos HERE.

He is also the founder of an Amazon Rainforest Coalition that organizes the purchase of large tracts of land in the Amazon to prevent logging and oil companies from buying them, then returning possession of them to the natives. It’s a drop in the bucket, but imagine a world where there was no resistance to the government’s tragic environmental policies, and the continued destruction of this beautiful planet by so many big industries.

Keith and Venus now spend much of their time at their places in Cozumel; a small island that truly is a tropical paradise. Their first place was Chan Nahil and their new residence is Cozumel Casita; an ongoing project that never seems complete.

The studio is usually booked about 1-3 months in advance, but there are often slots for projects that are only a few days long anytime.

Andy can be reached directly at: (773) 871-9870