Mastering Capabilities

Wavefront MasteringOur mastering capabilities are world class, minus the high price tag. Keith’s not only has he made some critically-acclaimed records, his knowledge of every detail and nuance of sound and the equipment at his fingertips allow him to stand toe to toe with with best mastering engineers around.

I’ve completed a massive upgrade of the studio (focusing on mastering, but still quite capable of tracking and mixing), which includes even more wondrously warm and/or crystal clear analog toys designed solely to fatten and/or clean up mixes. We’ve got a fully capable and sweet sounding SSL Matrix mixing/mastering console, the latest versions of the best mastering hardware and plug-ins that I am proud to say I know inside and out due to countless late-nights of making my way through every button, knob, switch, and preset that every plugin I own has, including the WEISS ADC 2, the Waves Multi-Maximizer that practically takes its own computer to run, and the award-winning Massey Limiter for times when maximum volume without pumping is what matters most, as well as the ears and experience to use each one of them to their full potential.

Not least important are the custom-built loudspeakers and subwoofers that not only provide vivid detail, but they also can crank louder than ear-bleed levels (highly discouraged), while retaining every nuance of every note.

Couple that with mastering engineers who are passionate about every single project that comes through the doors, while still being just $50.00/song for mastering, and you’ve found a place devoted to squeezing every last drop of sound out of your source material.  Wander over to Wavefront Mastering, which is my fully online, Mastering Studio that allows you to be there, virtually, every step of the way, with an intuitive workspace and ultra-secure file upload/download system that I believe will change the way you think about Mastering.

Also, the studio is still just $650.00/day for tracking and/or mixing. We’ve still got our JH-24 and everything else that made the Playground so sought after for so many years, plus much more of everything any great studio should have.  Call me anytime at 312-498-8265, or shoot me an email.  I answer every one of them in a very timely manner, and look forward to working on your music and helping you to realize your vision.