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Posted by on Mar 12, 2002 in Studio News |

After a long leave and much contemplation, I have upgraded and updated the studio and the studio is recording and producing projects again. It’s been a long time away from recording, but the recording itch is undeniable and refuses to go away. There have been many amazing developments in my world, and one of the most pertinent is that I and the studio no longer have to be tied to the whims of a major label looking for the next hit. The studio can concentrate on the creative process once again, making passionate music with passionate people who believe in the music they make. The studio now has the freedom to choose exactly the bands we want, looking for ones that show promise, who make music because it’s something that they’re compelled to make out of desire for tangible expression.

The studio is now looking for bands we think are doing something amazing and unique, offering them a chance to record at a place that will make them sound as good if not better than anywhere else in the world, and for a fraction of the cost. You will be recording with Keith Cleversley’s long-time engineer; Andy Bosnak, and Keith often wanders around checking sounds and tweaking mixes.

THE DEAL: If you are an unsigned band without a studio recording, simply send us your demo, whatever quality, or e-mail us a link to a few of your songs. Every 3 months, we will choose one band, and give them a free weekend of recording at The Playground, complete with a free place to stay.

That’s 4 young bands a year, free, no strings attached.

Send your links to your music HERE.

Send your demos here:

The Playground
2044 W Grand Ave.
Chicago, IL 60612